Hypnotherapy for insomnia

Are you trapped in a relentless cycle of sleeplessness? Are you trying to break the vicious cycle of sleep anxiety and insomnia? Are you looking for natural remedies for sleeplessness and ways to manage insomnia without medication?


The frustration of sleepless nights, obsessively checking the clock, obviously results in extreme exhaustion. Beyond that, the emotional toll of insomnia can be profound, seeping into every aspect of life like a persistent fog that clouds the mind and dampens the spirit.  The effects of sleep deprivation can make even minor inconveniences feel overwhelming, leading to anxiety, depression, loss of brain function and low self-esteem.


In essence, insomnia is not just about the absence of sleep; it's about the ripple effects it creates in our emotional state and day to day behaviours. Impacting every interaction and experience with shades of frustration, anxiety, and despair. Addressing the emotional effects of insomnia often requires a multifaceted approach that encompasses both behavioural interventions and emotional support to restore balance and well-being.


You will get a better night’s sleep.

Hypnotherapy for insomnia is a holistic approach. We will explore tips for better sleep as well as sleep hygiene techniques. We will gently investigate the underlying factors contributing to insomnia. Whether it's stress from work, unresolved emotions, or ingrained habits that sabotage your sleep, hypnotherapy gently guides you towards awareness and resolution. By rewiring negative thought patterns and fostering a positive mindset, it empowers you to reclaim control over your sleep and your life.


How will you feel?

During and following treatment you may notice subtle shifts taking place within you. The grip of anxiety loosens its hold, replaced by a sense of calm assurance. Your restless thoughts begin to quieten and as you drift into sleep each night, you will gradually feel more empowered knowing that you hold the key to a restful night's sleep within you.


Seek help! 

Please get in touch to take the first steps to a better night’s sleep and ultimately more fulfilling days.

The fee for a 6 week treatment plan is £360.


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